katyperry: #THISISHOWWEDO THE VIDEO 7.31.14 💅

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That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas

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Katy + Rihanna;
"She’s unbelievable, unbelievable! She is such a strong being. She wants to be there for me and I’m like, ‘Girl, I’m supposed to be there for you, don’t worry about me right now!’ She’s incredible like that! She’s one of my best friends in the industry. When I came into this industry, I just identified with Katy and not a lot of women I meet I can click with and right away. And I just knew – I loved her honesty, it was pure and it was fresh. And I enjoyed her company."


internet friends are hard sometimes bc it’s sad knowing these wonderful people but also knowing i’ll never get to watch your favourite movies with you or laugh with you until we’re both keeled over holding our stomachs and i’ll never get to have a dance party in the car with any of you and i can’t hug you when you need one or go out for coffee or drinks or food with you. it’s simultaneously a huge bummer and one of the best happiest things ever

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when i’m sad i just remember that there’s a katy perry song that’s basically just four minutes of her saying “show me your dick”

Promotional Photoshoot (by Will Cotton)

Katy Perry & Madonna V Magazine Deluxe Edition, 2014